Research Project: The formation and development of legal maintenance of international relations: the impact of conflicts in Eastern Europe from 1750 on Public International Law

The Rule of Law Center of the Ukrainian Catholic University together with the Humanitarian Research Center of History and Culture of Central and Eastern Europe at the University of Leipzig are conducting multilateral research project: The formation and development of legal maintenance of international relations: the impact of conflicts in Eastern Europe from 1750 on Public International Law.

Supevisorr: Prof.Dr. Stefan Troebst

Duration: 2014-2019.

Related scientific areas: history, political sciences, law (international public law)

Description of the project
Formation of legal maintenance of international relations in the paradigm of public international law that dynamically develops is comprehensive and universal project of European modernity. However, the history of its formation, including a number of principles and scope of legal regulation regimes, exemplifies also its strong regional color. First of all it is caused by conflicts in Eastern Europe during the era of nationalism and national state processes. The project explores the history of international relations and their legal maintenance in the form of public international law, together with the history of international law as a science of the Eastern European and Central European perspective. Based on their historical structural features the conflictogenity in the Eastern Europe during the transitional period from classical international law, as well as during this twentieth century in general, was extremely high. Repetitive and often dramatic changes in the political map caused by the collapse of empires, shifted over the time nation-building and the formation of nation-state, exposure to large states, dictatorship, religious pluralism, linguistic and ethnic diversity has led to an acute need for immediate regional regulation that quickly directly reflected in a number of international legal novations. This causal relationship is also the reason that a big number of the well-known theorists and practitioners of international law derived from Eastern Europe, and were the representatives of ethnic minorities. The project combines raising questions common to such subjects as the history of international law, the history of international relations and history of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, in order to test the working hypothesis of high-impact regions of East, Central-Eastern and Southeastern Europe at the development of international law. The project is involved in the history of international law and diplomatic history, the “new approaches to international law,” “critical law”, as well as regionally defined humanities disciplines aimed at the study of Eastern Europe, as well as modern approaches to research as such as “new international history” and history of political culture. Simultaneously conditioned regionally concept of “CEE” is given a new dimension, namely in the context of national stakeholders, international institutions, international legal regimes from the standpoint of science cultural history.

Partners of the project
• Marc Bloch Berlin Centre, Projekt “Phantom borders in Central and Eastern Europe”(Dr. Béatrice von Hirschhausen)
• Leipzig University, Law Faculty, European Law, International Law and International Private Law Department (Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schiedermair)
• Salzburg University, International Private Law Department, International Law Institute (Ao. Prof. Dr. Michael Geistlinger)
• Wien University, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Sciences Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, Institute for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (Dr. Adamantios Skordos)

Expected results:
– Scientific conference devoted to the subject of project (2015)
– Compendium (Issue 1 – Congresses and multilateral treaties; Issue 2 – international institutions; Issue 3 – Personalities)

Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva
Rule of Law Center
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