UCU Rule of Law Lecture Series had started at the UCU

On May, 25 at the Ukrainian Catholic University was held a Public Lecture of Thomas H. Speedy Riceprofessor of the Washington and Lee University (VA, USA). The event was the beginning of the UCU Rule of Law Lecture Series, which will be devoted to the contemporary issues of the rule of law development and legal sphere, which is organized by the Rule of Law Center of the Ukrainian Catholic University in cooperation with the Fair Justice Project of the USAID. The partners of the project are the Lviv Branch of Ukrainian Bar Association and the Lviv Office of European Business Association. The informational partner of the project is the informational web-resource “Tvoe misto”.
The event was opened by the welcome speech of the Vice-Rector for the Program Development of the Ukrainian Catholic University Prof. Oleh Turiy and the Head of the Fair Justice Project of the USAID David Vaughn. In their speeches they had outlined the topicality of this project and the need for the further development of the cooperation between the institutions within the UCU Rule of Law Lecture Series.
The subject of Prof. Rice lecture was “The Rule of Law: Is Its Future Secure?”. In his report Prof. Rice had underlined the importance and the meaning of the rule of law on different stages of the historical development of the society and illustrated it with the number of historical examples. In particular he exemplified the abuse of law by English King Henry VII and examples from the slavery period in the U.S. While discussing of the illegal occupation of Crimea by Russian Federation, Prof. Rice had stressed that this situation is an example of “rule BY law”, not “rule OF law”.
Moreover, Prof. Rice raised the issue of the rule of law future which in his opinion can be illustrated by the examples of the fantastic sagas “Star Wars” and “StarTrek”. In the first case, the law can become a mechanical instrument which can be used for the achievement specific egoistic aims. In the second one – the rule of law and its compliance will serve for the creation of harmonic and fair society.
After the lecture the discussion had taken place with the participation of Professor of Human rights of the Utica College (NY, USA) Theodore Orlin, Academic Director of the UCU Rule of Law Center Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva, the Assistant Professor of the Lviv University of Internal Affairs Taras Tsymbrivskyi etc. During the discussion, professor Rice, in particular, had shared his own experience of pro bono work, which, according to scholar also is a contribution to the development of the rule of law.
After the lecture short reception had taken place during which the participants of the lecture had an opportunity to socialize and share their thoughts and experience.
The place and date of the next event within the UCU Rule of Law Lecture Series will be announced soon.